Apple seems to be getting even stricter nowadays when it comes to apps on their App Store. That being, recently it was said Apple had changed their rules on the App store, and an example being; that Apple had rejected the Sony E-Reader App. Apparently the reason was, that Sony had made this app so users can purchase e-books through Sony's site.

Apple however did not approve of this because they believe nothing should be sold outside the app store, and whatever people buy within an app should follow Apple's guidelines of purchase. Which means 70% of the profit goes to the developer and the other 30% goes to Apple. In this situation whenever someone downloaded a Sony E-Reader app, Apple received 30% of revenue, but all those e-books being sold within the app went towards Sony.

It just goes to show that this is another good money making scheme from Apple, but then we also know the fact Amazon, also has an app on the store, and from there you can purchase books through Amazon. That still remains on the App store, will it also be pulled down shortly?

Apple goes on it's merry way and now are in full control of the App store, no doubt Sony will be disappointed, but that's Apple for you.

This might also hurt Apple, because the Android Marketplace, doesn't have such strict guidelines, maybe Sony will move over to Android? Who knows.