I have posted about this before and it's the sad death of the Xserve one of Apple's premium rack servers, aimed towards businesses. The Xserve was first introduced in 2002, and after 8 years, Apple decided it was time for it to go. I wasn't surprised for once, but one thing that also didn't surprise me was enterprise users, didn't really care much even though it was going, and as Steve Jobs had mentioned they weren't selling many.

Sale figures are not known that well for the Xserve, but I can imagine they weren't pretty. So that pretty much sums it up, today is the last day for the Xserve, and you can pick one up if you would like, it's not like Apple is offering any discount. So I doubt if any of you would buy one, but it just goes to show, that Apple needs to work on their server lineup, they have done well with the Mac mini server, and now the Mac Pro server, but after the introduction of the Mac mini server, they realized that a small server is what people actually wanted, as it also saves money from buying a rack, in fact I am not sure if there was a rack built for the Mac mini server. Any how, the Mac mini server was indeed a way better value.

So we bid farewell to the Xserve, and maybe Apple might be able to come out with something new in the future? Though I highly doubt it at the moment.

Also remember that even though the Xserve is being discontinued, Apple is still offering support for owners that have one already and bought warranty etc.

But for all you last minute shoppers, who might want an Xserve here is the link.

*As a side note I just noticed that they ship in April! So for those that order, keep in mind there will be quite a long wait time.