The iPad had marked it's first birthday just this past Thursday, and so that being its been over 365 days since it has been updated. Looking at Macrumors, I noticed most iOS devices, were under 365 days of average refresh. Also I noticed the iPad refurbished models, have hit the Canadian online Apple store. Which can only mean that the iPad 2 is getting closer and closer.

Some sources from China cited, that we might be seeing a 5 to 8mp camera, on the next iPad, possibly Bluetooth, as well as a Retina display. Now for me as a person, I see these things being possible for the upcoming iPad, not only that Apple plans to make it even thinner than it already is!

I thought the update would be in January 2011, and I was wrong, so now most sources suggest February to be the month when Apple will release the new iPad, some say around mid- February. I see it happening, anything after that and it might be too late, as competition might arise.

So at this point I say you should wait if you want to get an iPad, and something else tells me that with all these features people claim we might see, there might be a $100 price bump. (I hope it doesn't happen) But looking at Apple anything is possible.