With 2011 being the year of the tablet, it's no doubt Apple are picking their game up, I was reading a few minutes ago that Pixelmator, has reached $1 million in a span of only 20 days! This is an editing application tool which was released on the Mac app store recently.

Looking at that I can tell that many people are in the mood of purchasing apps, the main device that will lead towards $15 billion worth of downloads? I say it's the iPad, sales of the iPad have brought iPod's to their feet, with constant declining sales, the iPad is outplaying former counterparts. Android has just over 150,000 apps on the Marketplace, but I can tell right this moment, that Google is trying to catch up to Apple in terms of sales, it will take a lot of work but it is possible.

The Mac app store is also playing a huge role in reaching this target, "Do I see this target being reached?" Absolutely the tablet hype is huge, and if there ever happens to be an iPad 2 coming soon, things can only get better.

Researches say that with the introduction of the iPad, people have started buying more and more apps. I guess they find playing apps on a bigger device is more worthy than on a small device. In 2010 total app sales were accounted for just over $5 billion.