I remember the first time I made this blog, I had a passion to write about something and it happened to be technology. If you look at many people that make a blog these days, they tend to write here and there, some even leave it along and forget about it. But I just felt that writing constantly was a great sign because first of all I had readers that actually liked reading my content and also because it helped me greatly learning some HTML skills!

If you had stuck around this blog for a full year, you would have noticed how many changes this blog had gone through, first with a plaid black design, to a richer green design, back to a simple black design, now towards the Mystique theme. Overall I can't thank you guys enough for your support, it's you guys that made me want to motor and write on about the tech world! I hope you enjoyed my site as much as I liked working on it, and hopefully I can continue on for a long time!

I thank you guys for all your support especially after passing this 200 post milestone! So continue to spread the word, tweet out the news and get the site noticed to others, it will be of great help guys!

Thanks again guys!