If you havent seen the iTunes page at Apple's site yet, then you might be having a slow day.. It was just recently that I took a look there and saw a rapid amount of number flaps going up and up, as I type this the numbers keep getting higher and even faster! That's right folks, it's been nearly 3 years since Apple had introduced the App store, and to reach 10 billion downloads, is huge! As you remember Apple had held a contest like this before, and this time they are offering a $10,000 iTunes gift card, to that lucky one person who downloads an app at exactly number 1 billion.

It could be anyone, last time the winner for the last contest was a lucky 13 year old.. So I say get cracking and start downloading like there's no tomorrow! It's not to say Apple is the only one with an App store, even Android users have one as well... though Android being introduced recently isn't making the progress as fast as Apple.

The gift card looks extremely tempting, that's all I can say! But the huge jump in the amount of downloads is mainly due to the increasing amount of new iOS devices being introduced, a main one being the Apple iPad, and soon the Mac app store, will play a huge role as well!

It was just on the first day that the amount of downloads on the Mac app store, reached 1 million! So expect the next 10 billion downloads to come even faster!

Lastly, I wish you all good luck and hopefully one of you can be the lucky one billionth downloader!

For more information and full details, please check: Apple iTunes 10 billion App Countdown