I spoke about how we might see an iPad refresh in February, on the refurbished Apple site, I noticed that the base line 2.4ghz Macbook Pro which was $1019 is now $999! Which means the white one maybe even cheaper! This is a great price with 4GB Ram, 250gb Hard drive and could make for a great college/ university student computer.

But also this leaves many wondering, is there a refresh coming around the corner? There hasn't been as much news about a refresh on the Macbook Pro line as there was about the iPad, but it remains a possibility, Macrumors had also cited that shipping times on Amazon are longer for Macbook Pro's which could mean production is slowing down or stock is about to run out.

Apple had reportedly bought many new patents, and so the next Macbook Pro, might not be one made out of Aluminum, as they have stuck with this design for around 3 years now.

Also now I was wondering, the fate of the white Macbook still remains in question, it's not the best selling model that's for sure, and now that the baseline Macbook Pro is even cheaper, it seems like the best choice out of the two.

Remember the cracks that used to appear on previous white Macbook's? Well they still seem to appear on the white Macbook's these days, which is another reason why it's good to stay away from them.

Rumors, rumors and more rumors, are wondering through the world of Apple, but only time will tell.