Apple have had the best quarter yet so far! And they have to be commended for all their hard work, as you have been watching, analyzing, the numbers have just continued to go up. This quarter Apple has posted a revenue of $26.74 billion, and the net profit being $6 billion. This is compared to last year where the quarter had raised Apple $15 billion in profit and $3.3 billion in net profit! So net profit has nearly doubled.

A total of 4.13 million Macintoshes were sold, 16.24 million iPhones, 19.45 million iPods, which again seems to be the only department in which they are declining... This time being by seven percent, and the new introduction of the iPad, which will soon be a year old, has sold just over 7 million units.

Peter Oppenheimer was a happy man, and was looking at the fact Apple had generated $9.8 billion, in cash flow for operations. Apple should be expecting revenue to hike even more as the quarters come along, they are expecting around $22 billion for the next quarter.

All in all another job well done by Apple and as they continue their quest for dominance over computers and technology in society today.