I'm pretty sure at least 90% of the people were anticipating this announcement, and Apple have indeed teamed up with Verizon to release a CDMA chip only iPhone, which means no 4G just yet... So all you 93 million subscribers to Verizon, it's about time you pick up an iPhone. Probably one of the greatest phones on Verizon's lineup and I am sure this will attract many buyers. But what remains in question is whether this will affect the sales of the AT&T's iPhone 4? It will be $199 for 16gb, $299 for 32gb, keep in mind these are the same prices as AT&T's. During the keynote they said that the only difference in this iPhone is the radio everything else is pretty much the same, no change in design and no new features. But if your getting such a good phone at a great network for the same price, I think the Verizon iPhone is the best bang for your buck and should provide good competition for AT&T.

The device was just announced today and it should hit Verizon Wireless stores around February 3, 2011. No ideas as to how many they will have but the buzz on Twitter could mean we could be seeing them sold out on Day 1. The voice and Data plan might probably be the same $70 just like all other Verizon smart phones, details on pricing weren't announced on the keynote. So stay tuned!