For all you Mac OSX Snow Leopard users, 10.6.6 was released today! And this update didn't just contain your usual bug fixes but rather a brand new Mac App store! "Yes, I am not joking" the Mac app store brings everything that people wanted from the iPod, iPhone's and iPads to your Macintosh!

Once you update your machine should reboot and in your dock right beside finder the Mac app store logo should appear! Sign in there and now you can download apps from the comfort of your computer!

So far after updating it is seamless to use and I found that there are at the moment, not many apps and only a few which are free... One free productivity app which I liked though was "Alfred" this app is used to replace Quicksilver and is very nice indeed.

I also noticed iMovie, iPhoto, and iWork on the app store! So could that mean the Mac app store, version of iWork will replace the one sold on disks? I think so.

I liked the interface which looks identical of that to the iPad's app store and basically now you can have all the fun which you had on your iOS device! This update by Apple will definitely bring in more buyers to the Macintosh lineup, and I suppose this update will probably be the last one for Snow Leopard and then the next one for the most part should be 10.7

I hope you guys also update and check out the Mac app store and leave your thoughts in the comments!