It's not always that Apple offers live streaming of their events, usually people go onto other sites for updates and analysis. But Steve Jobs offered to provide a live stream of the event through Quicktime tomorrow, the event will start at 10am PT and 1pm EST, though this live stream won't work for everyone, only users with Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Safari will be able to view the stream and users with an iOS Device with 3.0 or higher. Not sure why Apple is doing this, maybe to show an advantage of having a Mac. The Live stream will take place on Apple's site. It should be fairly easy to find out where the live stream is located on the site. For users who don't have an iOS Device with 3.0 or higher, and don't have a Macintosh with Snow Leopard, you can still head over to the various tech sites, such as: Engadget, MacWorld, Gizmodo for updates on the event! Very exciting stuff await tomorrow, we will keep you updated!