Well the wait for the Apple Event is over and Steve Jobs had unveiled various new products! First off an update is here for iOS users which is iOS 4.1 and that has support for Game Center, along with bug fixes with iPhone 3G performance. A new revamped iTunes 10 was unveiled with now a new logo and Apple has launched a new music social network called "Ping" it is used to connect with various artists and follow them and get updates as to new albums coming, sort of like Twitter. You can comment on other artist's page. Ping can be found within iTunes after you update to iTunes 10. With many songs downloaded and the amount of music on iTunes, it truly is a breakthrough in music on the internet, with iTunes becoming huge.

Now onto the products, firstly with the iPod Shuffle, we know how much people complained about not having buttons on the iPod Shuffle and how controlling the music through the headphones button was a pain. Apple has updated the iPod Shuffle to have the buttons on the device, now it looks much like the 2nd generation shuffle, this time just more smaller! It features the same features such as Voiceover and genius etc. The price is $49 for 2gb. It comes in five different colours. Apple iPod Shuffle

The iPod Nano was probably the iPod with the biggest design change, Apple has decided to get rid of the click wheel on the iPod Nano and make it even smaller. So now what you can expect is a much smaller iPod Nano, nearly identical to the iPod Shuffle! It features a full touchscreen display and the user interface is much the same compared to the iPod Touch. It works very seamlessly and the design is much more squarish. Pricing is $149.99 for 8gb and $179.99 for 16gb it comes in seven different colours, including a "Product RED" version.  Apple iPod Nano

The new iPod Touch now includes two cameras! A front facing camera for FaceTime through Wifi and a back facing camera for HD Video recording! I didn't expect two cameras but it is really nice to have. Design wise the iPod Touch is even thinner than the last model! The screen now has a Retina Display! This is the same compared to the iPhone 4, so you are going to experience superb screen quality, with no pixels visible. The iPod Touch now features an A4 processor chip, same one found in the iPad, so you are looking at a very good little performer. Starting price is $229 for 8gb, $299 for 32gb and $399 for 64gb. Apple iPod Touch

The Apple TV has received a very new refresh, it is much smaller now! Almost a quarter of the previous size! Starting price is only $99 a dramatic drop from $229 because this time it is cloud based and that it has no internal hard drive, this way it is much smaller. It comes in a black colour. It offers HD TV rentals starting at $0.99 and offers NetFlix and YouTube streaming. A newer remote made of aluminum rather than the older plastic white remote and this model also features 802.11n wifi. The Apple TV features an HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini USB and Optical Audio port. The Apple TV also features the newer enhanced A4 processor. Apple TV

The only iPod which hadn't recieved a refresh was the iPod Classic, I for a second thought that Apple will kill off the iPod Classic, because they hadn't talked about it in the keynote, but after the site was updated, the iPod Classic still remained there. Pricing is the same.

The iPod's should be available next week and are available for pre-order starting today, The Apple TV will be available in 4 weeks.

It was a great event, with many new products being unveiled, that's it for now, stay tuned for more info in the future.