We had talked about how Apple were planning to release the new, 27 inch Cinema display in September. Well today if you take a look at the Apple store online, you will finally find it there. This cinema display is a perfect companion to any of your other Macintosh products, whether it be the Mac mini, Mac Pro or even the Macbook's/ Macbook Pro's. It features a contrast ratio of 1000:1, along with a built in webcam, three usb ports, and speakers. The resolution is 2560x1440 and at a starting price of $999. This might sell better compared to the the 30" model (now discontinued). Shipping according to the site is 1-2 weeks. Now that this display has replaced both the 30" and 24" we might see those in the clearance section, or the refurbished section as well, if your looking for discounts on those models keep your eyes hooked there. This should also hit Apple Store's if not today, sometime this week.