It has been a while and we always wondered "when will the iPad hit the Refurbished store?" It was a while since Apple had released them, and today if you take a look on the U.S. Appler refurb site, you will notice three wifi models. A 16gb starting at $449 and 32gb $549 and 64gb $649. Which means you are saving $50 compared to a newer model! Now given the fact refurb products from Apple look practically brand new. I'd say these iPad's are at a very good price, and I am sure they won't last long. This might also mean new iPad's might be coming, but we aren't sure yet. Shipping is said to take 1-3 business days and these models are only available on the U.S. refurb store site. Get them while they last! :D

 Wifi Model iPad's have finally hit the refurb store!