Not long ago, Apple had launched their music social network for all talk about iTunes and Music. They managed to grasp the basics and there are a few artists on the network who you can follow. Many members can join and leave comments as to what they think of the artist's video, music etc. There has been an issue with the layout of iTunes 10 and that all the icons are now monochromatic, and the three circle exit buttons are now vertical, iTunes 10 in my opinion looks very plain, compared to the previous iTunes and as some highlighted out, when you sync your iPod and you want to sync a few apps, you will now have to scroll through all of them to find which one you want, instead before iTunes had featured a search bar which made finding apps much easier.

The amount of members in Ping is amazing as to say because it hasn't even been out for a week. Though one problem which Apple faces through Ping is Spam. Now this is a big problem on websites all around, and it's no surprise Ping had been filled with Spam, though Apple have included a button to report members that spam.

Ping is a decent start to the social networking platform, but I hope they enhance it with more features throughout the future.