For all those iTunes users, here is some great news, well it still remains a rumor. But sources are claiming that we might see iTunes offer unlimited downloads. For those that have no clue what this means, imagine you download a song on iTunes with your Macintosh, but you want to get this song on your iPod or iPad then you will have to purchase once more for each device. This could be costly and a pain. So Apple want's you to save some money and are planning to offer Unlimited downloads so that once you do download something it can be used on all your devices.

Now you might be wondering, why didn't Apple think about doing this beforehand? Well the reason behind this has to be with the music industry in how they believe music should be shared, once that is sorted out with the companies, all iTunes users can be in for a real treat!

On another note iTunes 10.2 was also released so if you haven't updated yet, I believe that it would be good to do so now.