This might be a bit of a last minute news, and in truth the iPad 2 event, was confirmed to be on March 2nd. In other words tomorrow! Rumors are flooding in everywhere as to what we might be able to see on the upcoming iPad. Many say a sleeker design, retina display, SD Card slot, and possibly bigger storage? If all these things do come up tomorrow, then I will be very surprised if the starting price still remains at $499! I am really excited for tomorrow, as I am sure many others will be.

Looking at beyond the iPad, recently it was said MobileMe, is taken off from the Apple site, possibly because there might be a cloud version that will be free. This is not confirmed yet, but it seems highly likely at this point, and if that isn't enough, many aren't sure as to whether Steve Jobs, will make the podium tomorrow, he might just make an appearance, but is he healthy enough to go through the whole keynote? This is not yet known. I am hoping he does make an appearance though, keynotes are not the same without him.

iOS 5.0 is also rumored to be announced tomorrow, hopefully it will add a substantle more amount of features to the 4.0 currently offered, maybe even making use of all five fingers for gestures! The iPad remains a game changer in the tablet market, and tomorrow could decide the fate of all other tablets on the market. So iPad owners, will you be looking to get an iPad 2? I sure am looking to getting a tablet soon in the house, and the iPad 2 might just be it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!