Quite surprised that the iPad 2 did indeed make it on March 25th to the international countries, quite frankly I thought we were going to expect a delay especially after the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the fact some of the manufactured equipment comes from there. The not so surprising part is that they are sold out virtually everywhere. A UK Telegraph paper wrote that the iPad 2 was not to be found in stock at any location.. Apple might believe that sales of the iPad 2 will sky rocket faster than the 1st iPad. Your best bet would be to order one online, and hope to recieve it soon, because most likely stock from online might come from another country with iPad's in stock.

The iPad 2 did reach here in Canada, but unfortunately sold out faster than I could have imagined... so I might have to wait till I pick one up, but for those that already have one, how do you find it?

*On a side note, I apologize for the delay in posts, extremely busy these days. And I was sick over this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.