It's been less than a month and the iPad has hit 1 million product sales, which shows that at one point netbook's were huge, now could face a dramatic loss. Many companies had created netbook's and the main one being Asus with the largest lineup of netbook's and they could be facing a huge loss because Apple has brought tablet computing and this is replacing all the netbook's. The problem with netbook's is the fact the price difference isn't huge from an iPad but performance wise there is a considerable difference. Remember when the first Eee Pc was released it was said to be for $199 and that blew people away, but when it was released was it $199 for the consumers? No. At that point of time money mattered most to people and all that mattered was that they had a computer but with Apple bringing Tablet computing to the next level, people have changed their minds. Netbook's were also very new to the market and were looking to be a hit for the next few years but the iPad has brought their sales down dramatically and we could be seeing and end soon for netbook's but the question remains will Tablet Pc's catch on the new trend?

The netbook market is also adapting to having tablet's as well with an added keyboard but that add's to the price and nearly costs as much as the iPad or even more. We know for sure that everyone isn't an Apple fan, so the netbook's can still be in a safe situation. But if Apple continue to keep prices lowered down to target everyone in the consumer market, then that could end all hopes for netbook's

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