Sorry for not making posts the past few days, was very busy. But now I am back and there is more news from the world of Apple. According to stats firstly it is said in less than a month the iPad has hit 1 million product sales and that is much better even compared to when the iPhone first came out! The iPad 3g is doing well in terms of sales but not as high as the Wifi model. The iPad 3g was said to have sold near 300,000 units! And it can only get better for Apple. Apple is now seemingly dominating the tablet market but once the slate hits in June supposedly then we could see drama. It just goes to show how much sales difference a product can make if it has an Apple logo on it.

There are also people on the lookout for iPad's on the refurbished store so people can save around $100 for a brand new iPad but with a different box, but chances are if they do appear they will sell faster than the Mac mini which typically gets out of stock from the refurb store in minutes. Remember I talked about a widget called "Refurb Me" which helps you keep track and keeps you up to date with products appearing in the refurb store. This widget is only available for Mac only so far, meaning if you are thinking of looking out for an iPad on the refurb store this might be the perfect widget. You could find more information on my post here: Refurb Me

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on 1-Mac.