Just the first week when the iPad was released people were amazed when they found out 500,000 iPad's had been sold in the U.S. well now it has been 2 month's since the release and Apple has hit 2 million iPad sales! You can tell that sales have dropped dramatically since the first week because if the sales continued to be like how they were in the first week, Apple would have hit 2 million iPad sales in 4 weeks! Then again this is a huge breakthrough for Apple and things are just getting better for the company. People have downloaded over 12 million apps on the iPad through the app store and nearly 2 million books through the iBooks store. This is a great advantage for developers to get their apps on the store because the iPad is proving to be extremely popular. More news on Apple coming soon.

A huge milestone for Steve Jobs and Apple:

Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer