Google the most gigantic company on the internet announced recently that they would start getting rid of Windows computers after many incidents and security concerns over Microsoft, it's not a surprise because I also expected for Google to use the most powerful yet secure computers to make all their software. After the hacking incident they had found in China, Google is thinking of removing their web browser from China for good. But this hacking incident leads back to Microsoft and their security. We will have to see whether Google will move to Mac or Linux, in my opinion both these Operating System's are very stable and secure. Using Linux though will save them more money throughout the company than using Mac. But at this stage using either one of these OS' and not Windows is a good decision.

We should hopefully see a drop in security concerns because many people in the world use Google's products and they expect the best. We don't know yet whether Apple will release a much more stable OS but we think Google has had enough of Microsoft, just like the incidents between Apple and Adobe.

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