The Apple TV is due for a refresh soon and this time we found rumours of an Apple TV costing only $99 and it is said to be running on cloud storage meaning data will be stored on the internet. But it might have a 16gb SSD storage inside, by the looks of this technology Apple will look to making the Apple TV even smaller as they usually do with some of their devices. The OS will also set to be for a refresh and to be frank we are kind of tired of the standard UI which looks like Front Row but this next Apple TV might have iOS 4 as it's next OS. This might mean apps for the Apple TV? and an even better looking UI. This brings up lots of questions.

If the Apple TV comes with the app store bundled with the iOS 4 then this could be excellent and could be the first for a tv to come with over a million apps. Though it won't be touch screen and we suppose there will be separate apps for the Apple TV. So far no evidence has been found whether this rumour could be true but this looks to being a good step and might make me want to buy an Apple TV, this will sure to impress everyone and I think Apple are going into the right direction with the Apple TV.

More Apple news to come soon, stay tuned.