Well, it's the news everyone wanted and that is the fact iOS 4 will be released today at 1PM EST time and around 10AM PST this is great news for iPhone and iPod Touch users because the new update will mean folders, backgrounds, multitasking and even more. Though all the features of iOS 4 will work on 3rd gen iPod Touch's and iPhone 3gs along with iPhone 4. Only device it won't work on is the iPod Touch 1st gen and the original iPhone.

Stay Tuned!


I have just installed iOS 4 on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch and have to say it looks much more slicker than ever before and the dock also looks really nice and the folders applications is very nice as well. The settings have also changed quite a bit with the ability to add a background. For the most part Apple servers worked well today with minimum lag and the update requires that you have iTunes 9.2 many people complained for that fact because they didn't bother updating! It took a while because of the fact this update had quite a lot of new features. I will talk about more later after I get a much better look at the new iOS 4, for now to update make sure you have iTunes 9.2 and that you sync your iPod and click Update. This update is free and works for iPod Touch 2g, iPhone 3g (With minimum features not applicable) and iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch 3rd gen. the iPad release will be here soon so stay tuned.