People living in Canada there is real good news for you because of the fact the iPhone 4 can be purchased without a contract and is fully unlocked! Another great reason as to why living in Canada is a good thing! No news on whether the iPhone will be unlocked in the U.S. but Apple is so far leaving the iPhone 4 with AT&T. Everyone wonders what is wrong with AT&T and why Apple even decided to team up with them. On the first day of pre-orders of the iPhone 4 AT&T had a really hard time getting people's order through because of all the traffic on their servers. Some users who were at the checkout ended up getting their order cancelled and many credit card numbers had been lost. So much for AT&T... The pre-orders were only for the Black iPhone 4 and we believe the White iPhone will be up for sale in stores. Also the release date was also delayed due to huge demand and in the U.S. we are looking at around July 18th. No real news as to when the iPhone will be hitting Canada but it will be hitting four other asian countries after it is released in the U.S.

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