The iPhone was just released a few days ago with many people giving positive reviews on the new phone. But one problem is with the antenna's being on the outer shell of the iPhone. When Steve Jobs, unveiled the new design everyone thought that it was a remarkable design and that it would be a whole new look for phones in the future. Well... that great design has caused a lot of problems for people when especially holding the iPhone with their left hand cause the signal to go all the way down. It also tends to happen to users who hold it with their right hand as well but it remains a bigger concern to left hand users. "Geez, Apple you gotta think about left hand people, too you know..." (Not that I am a left handed person) Apple are hearing the noises of consumers out loud and Steve Jobs started to respond to email's asking that same question about reception, but the answer given was to get a case for your iPhone and that indeed isn't a very smart response and might annoy some customers. The trauma also goes on about how AT&T is terrible and that Apple should move to Verizon and I still don't get why Apple isn't doing that? They will get more iPhone's sold (even more than how many they have sold now through AT&T) and it will make consumers happy, Some even complain AT&T does not provide service to their homes! Moving to Verizon will give Apple even more positive reviews but that might be the end of AT&T if Apple does move to Verizon. Also if reception issues are not enough some iPhone 4 users spotted a yellow blemish underneath their iPhone 4 screens. Though the problem was resolved because of the fact that Foxconn had made the production of the iPhone 4 too quickly and wanted them to get to U.S. as early as possible. The yellow blemish will disappear though in about a week and it helps especially if the screen is on.

Well since it is an electronic product, you can expect minor issues but with Apple they get resolved very quickly. The iPhone 4 is yet another step and has made a good start to sales in the U.S. other countries should start receiving the iPhone next month and the white model will also be released next month in the U.S.

Here is the link for more information on the yellow blemish issue of the iPhone 4: iPhone 4 yellow spot issue- Engadget

A customer looks at an iPhone 4 at the Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York June 24, 2010. People lined up hours in advance hoping to snag one of the limited quantity slated for retail sale only. AT&T will begin selling the iPhone 4 at retail on June 29, on a first-come first-served basis. REUTERS/Eric Thayer (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SCI TECH)