The new iPhone is here and delivery was a day earlier than expected and that is always welcome, especially when there is an Apple product released! The new iPhone 4 was released to everyone yesterday and it was shipped in black, the white model is said to be released next month. Everyone who has one right now say the new iPhone is just elegant and the fact that almost every part of it is made up of glass! It is the slimmest smartphone on the market and is considerably faster than the 3GS. The sim tray slot is now on the side as opposed to when it was on the top for the older iPhone's. The new retina display does an excellent job at displaying clear and concise text. Just be aware the surface is really glossy and you might want to get a screen protector and case because it has good chances of being scratched up and being smudged on with finger prints. There were also many tests taken using Face Time and people claim it is very clear and concise to understand and communicate, thank fully if that feature were on the AT&T platform the experience might have been a whole different one and I am not saying that's a bad or a good thing.

As usual the packaging of Apple is minimalist and they continue to be Eco friendly, the new iPhone looks a bit longer than the older ones but the display is the same size.

Here the staff at Cnet, give us a look at the new iPhone 4: