Get ready everyone! Apple is having their annual developers conference and this is the time where all the engineers at Apple Inc. give tips and tricks to the over 5000 people who are app developers! This means that apps on the app store should be much better and thanks to these sessions, people can enjoy great apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Right now all tickets are sold out! That isn't a surprise as Apple are known for providing great sessions to other developers. If you are an Apple app developer this should be something you shouldn't miss as everything learned throughout the four days can prove to be handy in the future and plus there is no one bigger than the actual engineers at Apple who can provide learning sessions!  This will look to being an enriching experience for everyone as not only do you learn a lot, it also is a lot of fun with all your peers! There is also no doubt why the tickets for WWDC were sold out this year and that is because of the new iPhone OS 4.0 and the iAd campaign which has brought in many more developers!

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