Today Apple had quietly released the new Mac mini and no one really expected it to be this recent and it looks quite different and is the first redesign in five years! The chassis is now made fully with aluminum and it now features 4 usb ports, FireWire 800 port, Ethernet, SD Card Slot, HDMI port and audio in and audio out. This is a significant update as many people wanted a full HDMI port so it could be easy to hook it up to any TV with ease. The design is 1.4 inches thin, rather than the old one being 2 inches and it seems to be really easy to be user replaceable with hard drives and memory, through the bottom padding. The Processor standard is 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2gb ram and 320gb Hard drive alongside with an nVidia 320m graphics chip. The Mac mini also features no more huge power bricks this model has no power brick which is really quite nice and the price it starts at is $699 USD which is $100 more but could be quite expensive. At one point where Apple had made the Mac mini to be cheap could now end up being on the expensive side for some. The design looks really identical to either the Apple TV or Time Capsule.

Will the new Mac mini sell? We can't tell yet and there are still flaws to be found in this redesign. Also there is a server model of this Mac mini with a 2.66ghz processor and 7200rpm drive which is much faster than the previous hard drives and the price for that stays at $999. That is the main news for now and also iPhone 4 pre-orders are today!

Here is a video of me providing an overview of the new Mac mini: