We had talked about the fact Office for Mac will be coming and today people got to expereince the new Office suite for 2011 and all I can say is that it has got a pretty impressive make over and seems to me the new design resembles more features and looks identical to Office 2010 for Windows. I wasn't really fond of the toolbar which popped up on Office 2008 for Mac but hopefully Microsoft think that through this time. Also included in 2011 are more web app tools making team work through the net easy for people to share documents and files. The new "ribbon" interface will feature on the 2011 version which I am quite fond of and like a lot. Mac users who are used to the PC will not have a hard time adjusting to the new Mac platform.  Hopefully that should replace the external toolbar. The name for Microsoft's e-mail client was "Entourage" and now should be changed to "Outlook" for Mac and supports .pst file imports. Outlook is a Web service tool which is used on Windows but now will use the "Cocoa" platform to support Mac OSX. Outlook is also known for it's safety features from preventing sensitive information to making sure that everyone has permission to view the file. The features sound great and they say it should be here later this year.

Pricing has always been high compared to iWork but then again you get more features in Microsoft Office such as "Outlook" and also "Microsoft Messenger" we are not sure what the price is right now but once that is determined you can find the information right here!

For now, Senior editor: Scott Stein from Cnet gives us a look at the much anticipated Office for Mac 2011: