Recently Apple had slammed Adobe for the fact their product the flash player is highly unstable on Mac OSX and also since tools to create apps on the iPad and iPhone from flash were also taken off. Since then Adobe has taken a different approach against Apple and today made an Ad with a poem which show's love for Apple. Seems kind of awkward since I have no clue what Steve Jobs might be thinking about this but one thing is for sure he doesn't change his mind that easily. He was against Adobe and their products for a long while now and I believe that Steve Jobs believes the right thing.

I have also had flash crash on my Mac sometimes and that could be quite a pain, right now it doesn't seem close that HTML5 will take over flash but Adobe needs to change the way they program their products because flash is very big memory hog, notably HP were going to put flash on their Slate device and that's when it struck people that due to flash it could greatly affect the performance of the HP Slate.

For now, no one knows what decision Apple will take on Adobe but only time will tell. Here is the link for the picture of the poetic ad Adobe had created for Apple: Adobe's "Love" Ad for Apple