Remember all the buzz that was going on about a legendary software which Google will release called Wave and it is a collaborative communication piece of software which offers users to have an open conference, with visuals etc. Google had spoken a lot about Wave but had kept it a secret for users offering only invites. Each person who got Wave had the opportunity of giving out seven invites to their friends. But with the Google Conference happening today Google announced that Wave will now be available for everyone! So now when you take a look at the Google Wave site it gives you the option to sign up!

I am sure most people were waiting for this day as it kept many people eager to get Wave and many good reviews were shown about Wave but now that it is open to the whole public we will soon be able to find out whether Google Wave ends up with positive reviews or not.

Here is a snapshot of Google Wave:

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In order to take part of Google Wave you will need a Google Account, here is the link which will take you to the Google Wave page if you would like to sign up: Google Wave