Now everyone was expecting good competition for the iPad because the HP Slate was coming and I was actually quite anticipated for it's release until news from TechCrunch hit and there are rumours going with the fact that HP might not release the slate. To be honest there was a lot of talk about how Windows 7 wouldn't make a good tablet OS and it seems HP are listening to the consumers and now are thinking about not releasing the HP Slate, this is not confirmed yet but as we have seen the videos of HP Slate performing using Windows 7 it seemed to run fine. Even in an interview with Phil Mckinney, HP worker. He said the HP slate will be coming, but with these rumours we aren't sure... this was definitely some news because the anticipation was big for the HP Slate and HP were praising the product a lot and then they suddenly decide to not release it? More news on the HP Slate to come soon, stay tuned.

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