Rumors have been going around for a while now speculating on the iPod Touch getting a camera and some say Apple were going to put a camera on the 3rd generation models but at the end decided against it, well it's no surprise, now that news has been leaked that a 4th generation iPod Touch will get a 2 megapixel camera. That seems to be the only news and I doubt we will see a 128gb model of the iPod Touch any soon, so for the most part we will have the same amount of space for storage. The design also looks the same, in my opinion Apple can't make it look any better than how it already is. The interface also seems to look quite different.

This rumour was found by a Vietnamese company and surprisingly they were the ones who had leaked the news about the new Macbook's and that became true, so there is a good chance this 4th generation iPod Touch rumour might also be true.

Here is a video found on the leaked iPod Touch 4g (Unfortunately the video is not in english but you can get a good look at the leaked iPod Touch):