It's been quite some time since we have reported anything on the Mac Mini and the Apple TV but what consumers like the fact about these two small devices is the ability to hook up to their big screen tv and enjoy some movie watching, tv etc... Now we beleive that if you have a big screen tv and would like to watch some tv or movies that we would highly recommend either the Mac Mini or the Apple TV but the question comes down to which one? The Mac Mini is clearly the expensive choice between the two and retails at a starting price of $599 but you get more functionality and it's also a computer. The Apple TV retails at around $259 and is the best bang for the buck if all your looking for is tv and movie watching without fiddling around on the internet. The Apple TV is meant to be used to watch movies and videos from your itunes library and also listen to music but with the feature of Youtube being added you can also watch videos from Youtube there too. Some might say "well thats not enough for me " and sometimes they just can't find the content they would like on Youtube but there is a site known as Hulu which is a site that only works in the U.S.  and people could watch their favourite tv shows and movies anytime and Hulu offers a much more variety of tv shows and is great for watching on your tv. You could get Hulu easy on the Mac Mini by going on the site since the Mac Mini is also a computer or if you would like to watch it on the Apple TV there are methods to hack the Apple TV and watch (which we will tell you about soon.) The problem with Hulu is that it only works in the U.S. but in order to let people from other countries to watch there is also a trick (which we also tell you about soon.)

So overall the comparison you could see that you pay almost double for what you would pay for an Apple TV and you would get a Mac Mini which is also a full fledged computer. The choice is yours which you would like but depending on most people a Mac Mini will eventually replace there Apple TV sooner or later.

Stay Tuned as we input further more information at 1-Mac!