The new software for Mac released is the new Open Office Aqua edition. For people looking for software related to iwork or Microsoft office. Open Office is a free edition of the software with most features of Microsoft Office. The new Aqua platform offers a better looking interface than previous generations and is also faster too. The really good part is that from tests of compatibility we have noted Aqua is compatible with Microsoft Office programs as well. This is a great piece of software which is absolutely free. For people needing a office utility program for free we suggest you should strongly consider this program.

The link to downloading Open Office Aqua is below:

Here is a picture below of what the Aqua software looks like: 


Picture by: mads.sabroe 
(Flickr Images/ Creative Commons) 

The new software Aqua replaces the X11 and in terms of graphics and user interface it looks very clean and the graphics have had a good improvement. Starting speeds of the Aqua is very fast. The actual software looks sort of like Microsoft Office 2003, but still it's worth downloading this software especially since it's free.