During the new era of multi touch trackpad's Apple has brought their new intuitive feature to the desktop line of their Mac's as well with the new magic mouse. Only downside you don't get the nice look of the glass trackpad like on the macbook line. The magic mouse looks nearly identical to the mighty mouse except without the little mini ball in the middle for scrolling. The new design is definitely sleeker looking and with a bit of a curve at the bottom making it easier to grasp in hands and a better feel to hold. It features a new much sensitive laser tracking engine to work on various surfaces. Wireless connectivity to your mac keyboard is also possible with built in Bluetooth inside the magic mouse. Best of all it's wireless but the question remains are people going to use those new features built in? or will they stick with their mighty mouses? $69 is the price for the Magic Mouse which is on the expensive side maybe $10 or $20 cheaper would be nice? Only time will tell how well the Magic Mouse will do in the market but the multi touch trackpad on the macbooks and macbook pro's are a joy to use.