So far we can confirm to you that there is a tablet and the name confirmed is called iPad. Steve Jobs also talked about how more than 250 million iPods have been sold. There is an app store built for the iPad as well and the interface looks extremely similar that of the iPod Touch. As rumored and it's true EA also introduces us to two games the MLB Baseball video game and Need For Speed Shift video game and more exciting stuff! The iPad will host a 9.7" screen and measures at only half an inch thick and around 1.3 pounds. It has various ebook types of apps as well. The new eBook reader app will be called iBooks. iWork is being shown on the iPad and it has a remarkable change in interface. The excellent part is with the new iwork apps such as pages, keynotes, and numbers for only $9.99 on the app store for iPad. The iPad syncs to any computer just as how you would sync an iPod and it will come with 802.11n and 3G capabilities with AT&T, price will be $14.99 for 250mb data and $29.99 for unlimited data. iPad 3G models also come unlocked. The iPad will run on a new A4 chip designed by Apple at 1Ghz. The price of the iPad will be starting at $499.99 Which is good considering everyone was expecting a higher price point!

16gb with wifi is $499 and with 3G comes around $629, 32gb is $599 but with 3G comes around $729, and finally 64gb is $699 and including 3G comes to $829. With these types of prices people would want to reconsider the iPod touch in some cases.

With a great price point and intuitive features the iPad looks to being a stellar performer in the future. The WiFi models will be available in 60 days and 90 days for the 3G models.

Some things to note about the iPad is that many people including us were thinking that Apple was going to include a camera built in, unfortunately there is none and the fact that there is a lack of USB ports was also disappointing, there isn't any SD card slot as well. But we believe the pros outweigh the cons here considering the price point.

Here is a picture of the iPad:

Picture by: myuibe

The event was mainly only about the iPad, other people including us were expecting a bit too much like the fact a new iPhone OS 4.0 software release and about other rumors. Like on the invitation which said "Come see our latest creation" they actually meant only the iPad but no worries there are more Apple events to come in the future with more stuff coming up.