The latest happening in Mac is that around October, Apple had released a fresh batch of updated products. The newer white macbook had a different unibody style look to it and it was built with a 2.26 ghz processor and had 2gb of Ram and 250gb hard drive. The price remains the same at $999.00 U.S. and $1099.00 for CAN and it includes the new Nvidia 9400m graphics.

The macbook aluminum had been taken out of the lineup replaced with a 13" macbook pro and Apple had decided to bring back the firewire port as it was missing in the earlier model. They had also added an SD card slot to people's relief. Prices for the aluminum macbook pro start around $1199.00 U.S. and $1299.00 CAN

Apple had also introduced the new 21.5" imac with a 3.06 ghz processor and 4gb of RAM and 500gb hard drive for $1199.00 U.S. and $1299.00 CAN with Nvidia 9400m graphics.
The 27" imac models starts around $1699.00 U.S. and also feature 4gb of RAM and 1TB hard drive with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor like other models. But there is a model with a quad core processor available for $1999.00 U.S. and 2099.00 CAN it features an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card.

The Mac pro featured by Apple has two models available the cheaper one with a quad core processor xeon also known as "Nehalem" and 3gb of Ram with 640gb hard drive space it features a Nvidia Geforce 120 graphics processor. The starting price of Mac pro is $2499.00 U.S. and $2899.00 CAN

The Macbook Air offered by Apple has recieved a bit of a price drop after they refreshed their line. The starting price now for a 1.86 ghz is $1499.00 U.S. and $1599.00 CAN featuring 2gb of Ram and 120gb Hard drive and feature the Nvidia 9400m graphics.

Mac mini had also recieved a refresh. Many people weren't sure whether Apple would continue with the mac mini and as a matter of fact they are continuing it. With this refresh we see that the design stays the same and an extra USB port has been added now with a total of 5 USB ports and it features a 2.26 ghz with 2gb of RAM and 160gb hard drive at a starting price of $599.00 for U.S. and $649.00 CAN.
There is also a server version of the mac mini for $999.00 U.S. and $1099.00 CAN with 2.53 ghz 4gb of Ram and 1TB hard drive. Apple took out the optical drive in place of two 500gb hard drives and it comes with OS X snow leopard server.