Apple just recently announced that the Mac App store will becoming on January 6th 2011 and it's sure to cause a lot of hype. Especially after it's introduction at the keynote. Now Mac users, will be able to enjoy playing apps right from the comfort of their computer, and Apple expects update for apps to be right in the Mac App store. The Mac App store is available through a software update on Snow Leopard. Also there is now a way for developers to join, you can now join the Mac App store dev team for just $99 a year. And just like the iPod/ iPhone app developers, you receive 70% of the revenue, and the price you would like to set is up to you.

After January 6, could we see more sales of the Macintosh, now that you can actually play many games on it? I hope we do some more sales and to me this looks like another step in the right direction for Apple.