Remember when the Apple TV came out back in September? Everyone was surprised by the price of $99, but if you take a closer look at the specs, you still find that $99 still maybe over priced because you get no internal storage and the only way to watch content is to rent tv shows, and Netflix. On the other hand competition, such as Google TV, is not doing as well, as they would expect. I also thought considering it's Google, the Google TV, would sell like hot cakes. On the other hand, Roku is actually doing well, even after the release of the Apple TV. 

So in about a 3 months span, the Apple TV is nearing 1 million units sold. Apple expect the 1 millionth unit to be sold, by the end of this week. So the $99 Apple TV, is doing much better than it's predecessor, will Apple continue to dominate, or will Google come up with something better?  Stay tuned.