The iPad was first introduced in two different versions, one being just Wifi and the other being 3G. But did you know that even with the only Wifi model, it was possible to buy a device also known as Mifi and hook it up with the iPad to offer 3g, services. With the carrier of your choice. This was done by many people when the first iPad had come out, because the 3g version was delayed for a few weeks.

Now Best Buy USA is offering iPad Wifi versions bundled with a Mifi device which will make it capable of 3G. There are charging nothing on the hardware of the Mifi, but you must purchase a 2 year contract on the carrier of their choice. The prices are $499 for 16gb iPad, 32gb for $599 and 64GB for $699.

From the looks of the prices, this seems that it will hurt the sales of the iPad 3G models. Because you have to pay $130 more for the built in antenna, and that makes it more expensive.

Will this cause more sales of the Wifi iPad? I guess we will have to wait and find out.