Remember how in yesterday's post, I had talked about the rumors of an upcoming iPad? Well just today I was surfing the Apple refurbished store online, and noticed that Apple cut down the prices of the refurbished iPad's from $50 to $70 on the 16gb wifi model, and $100 off both the 32gb and 64gb wifi iPad's! This is another sign that we may be seeing a new iPad coming! I am really excited and for people who are not on the lookout for an iPad, and are willing to purchase an iPad which is practically new, just with a different box, should definitely consider a refurbished iPad. The price of the 64gb Wifi iPad being just $599 is definitely really good! You are saving a whopping $100 and that savings can come in handy for accessories, but these "Special" prices are there only for a limited time and this could be the perfect Christmas gift!