The hype about the iPad 2, is immense. Yet again, Apple failed to have enough iPad's in stock for the huge amount of people that wanted to buy one! If you bought one online, then you are out of luck, as the iPad's won't be coming in stock for another 4-5 weeks! Apple executives were in shock at the number of sales. Which bring's up another question, could this hype cause a delay in the international countries that were supposed to receive iPad's on March 25? We saw last year that there was quite a bit delay in the release, till about April for international members..

The iPad 2 did manage to make many Apple store's sell out on March 11th. But some questions remain as to how many iPad 3g models were remaining. From the way I see it, all the Wifi model's might have been sold out. And by the time Apple gets out the iPad's people ordered online, there could be quite a bit delay.

Let's hope the manufacturer's get more iPad's in stock soon. But more than that I hope they don't rush the process, as that can cause many defects, issues.