Well just when you thought the hype about the iPad couldn't go away. Rumours from many sources claim that, Christmas 2010 might be when the next iPad will released. They say it will be offered in a 5 inch screen, 7 inch and the standard 10 inch display. There might be these three models. We also hope there might be a front facing camera but no rumours were spoken about that yet. Pricing wise the 5 inch and 7 inch models will probably be cheaper, considering it is a small screen size and it is also said we might see a new OLED screen on the next generation iPad's.

Again this is all a rumour and we are not sure if this will be true, although this update will be fairly quick and might be good for some people looking to buy an iPad. Also I believe the smaller screens will probably make good use for portable usage and ebook readers.

Also keep in mind today is Apple's Press Conference and we will keep you updated with what happens.
Stay tuned for more news in the future!