Apple has had a tough time with the iPhone 4 and as many of you might know iOS 4.1 was released this week which supposedly said to fix the antenna issues, given the fact it is actually hardware  issue and not software. That proved to be a failure as it did not resolve the issue, according to many developers who are using the beta.

Apple is now holding a Press Conference this Friday and many people anticipate that either Apple will do a recall of the iPhone which might cost  them nearly 2 billion dollars or they might sell the bumper at a very cheap and or free price. What many people do want is a recall because many might not want a bumper on their iPhone case because it does hide the stainless steel bands on the outside. But at the moment $30 for a bumper is outrageous even for people that just bought a really expensive phone and Apple charging a premium shouldn't have to do this. The stocks are also show that Apple isn't doing so well, this time around.

We will keep you more updated with this issue and what we might expect on Friday.