This was first shown on Cnet's loaded, and it is said that near the end of the year, we may see new iMac's with USB 3.0 and Firewire 1600 along with Firewire 3200. But to me the rumor sounds unlikely due to the fact USB 3.0 isn't standard yet on many PC's, so it's natural Apple will take their time in releasing new technology and Firewire 1600 and then 3200 as well, will prove to be really fast but I don't see it coming this early. Due to the fact the iMac's this year just received a refresh with the new core i5 and i7 chips. But with Apple you can expect surprises. That is all the news for now, by the way if you live in Canada. The iPhone 4 should be here on the 30th and along with other countries. So stay tuned for that, more news to come in the future.