Apple has always been known for having great customer service, when you step into an apple store, to be greeted by the friendly staff, they are always there to help you out. I have no idea how Apple manages to find great people. Over the years the customer service at Apple is beginning to get even better. A survey taken by PC World shows that out of all companies around the world. Apple ranks #3 which is a huge achievement and should make Steve Jobs feel proud. It just goes to show that people at Apple keep there customers first. People working at Apple have a really friendly desire to help to their fullest extent. Not long ago I actually went to my nearest Apple store and I couldn’t believe how much brains they had compared to other local retailers who sell Apple products. They took the time to show everything to me and had no rush whatsoever to ask if I was going to purchase anything! In case you also don’t know there are weekly sessions which happens at Apple stores worldwide where people at Apple would teach others about the OS and various other applications for free. People at Apple sure care about their customers and want to make sure that people get the best out of their Mac. With such great customer service no wonder Apple sales are growing. Apple’s reputation continues to hold it’s standards and it’s great to know that you have great people around you to help you with your Mac needs. More news to come stay tuned.