Following the market of Apple for a while now we have noticed that in terms of Apple’s sales in their notebooks, Apple’s Macbook is sky rocketing maybe because it’s the cheapest Mac notebook offered whereas the Macbook Air is idle in many ways. Firstly when you look at the price of the Macbook Air it is quite high, for a 13 inch slim notebook with no super drive and limited amount of connectivity it is far too expensive. Performance on the Macbook Air is also considerably slower when compared to it’s sibling the Macbook. The Macbook Air starts with around a 1.86ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, while the Macbook which is far cheaper with a 2.26ghz processor. If you take a look at the refurbished site on you can see that a refurbished Macbook Air starts at $1099 yet still it doesn’t sell like the Macbook does (which gets sold out within minutes). This is a part where it shows the Macbook Air is very sluggish in terms of sales. Noticeably the new Macbook is built much stronger and no longer has any issues reported yet but the Macbook Air has had some hinge issues. We aren’t sure whether Apple will keep the Macbook Air in their line up or lower it’s price but we will see more soon.