Today I will focus on two Apple products which people have a hard time choosing between the iMac and the Mac Mini. The iMac is a full fledged desktop without having to lug around both the computer and the monitor around, instead the computer is built inside the monitor. The good thing about this is that people won’t have to worry about plugging in a monitor or having to purchase them separately, we believe that people who are looking for a desktop strictly which is going to sit either on their office desk or at home should consider the iMac. The iMac is also more of an entertainment system as well because of it’s faster processor and you can also configure a better graphics chip. For the ideal computer which is going to be the main one in someone’s house we think you should consider the iMac. The iMac comes with the new Magic Mouse and a wireless Apple keyboard so everything is ready out of the box just plug them in and you are set. The iMac starts at $1199

Now there are other types of people who consider space to be a big factor and that is where the Mini shines. Not only is the Mini small it is also very affordable considering it is a Mac. Starting at $599 this is ideal for being used as a home desktop or an office desktop but can also be carried around easily. For people looking to switch to a Mac should consider the Mac Mini. Granted you don’t get a display or a keyboard or a mouse. Which is a bit of a disappointment, but the good part is unlike other Mac products the Mini can be used with any industry standard keyboard or mouse. So no need for people to purchase Apple’s keyboard and mouse which can be quite expensive. Display can also be from any company and the Mini comes with a Mini DVI to DVI adapter included to connect to any monitor. The Mini also shines when it comes to people requiring a small home server to store data because the Mini is so small it can be taken everywhere with all your data. Performance wise the Mini isn’t the greatest with an integrated graphics chip as an only option limits the Mini in terms of gaming and video editing and as a main computer one would require that. On the upside reports have shown that the Mac Mini is one of  the most reliable Macs.

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It all boils down to the person’s choice but for use as a main computer we would prefer the iMac because it was designed to be used as a main computer at home or in the office. But if gaming and too much performance is not your priority then the Mac Mini is the best bang for your buck and don’t forget the Mac Mini can come in many uses such as being a server.